Visions Of Atlantis - Trinity

11 songs
47:45 minutes
***** ***


Trinity is the third album by Visions Of Atlantis, a symphonic power metal band from Austria. In the past, the band was often dismissed as a clone of Nightwish and Edenbridge, and that they may as well call themselves Nightbridge or Edenwish. These negative reviews must have had their impact as three members had to be replaced before the band recorded the new album.

These impressive line-up changes also had a strong influence on the songwriting which became more aggressive and darker, but hasn’t lost anything of its initial bombast. The parallels to the aforementioned bands haven’t vanished totally, and the combination of heavenly female vocals and male growls shows parallels to Leaves Eyes, another gothic metal icon. Singer Melissa Farlaak even looks a bit like Liv Kristiane. Although their material isn’t innovative at all, Visions Of Atlantis have a good hand for producing smash hits. Especially Passing Dead End and Wing-Shaped Heart have the necessary commercial pop appeal to represent Austria at the European song contest. The album also contains dynamic songs with epic metal riffs, interesting classical arrangements, a semi-ballad that didn’t win me over and two tracks with extremely dominant operatic vocals.

The listener has to make a choice: shall he go on listening to gothic and power metal pioneers like Nightwish, Edenbridge, Xandria, Epica,… or should he give a chance to a newcomer band (at least with this line-up) which doesn’t do a worse job than the originals. Trinity is sounding quite fresh and after each rotation in my CD-player, there are always new elements to be discovered.

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