Voices Of Destiny - From The Ashes

12 songs
45:59 minutes
***** *


German gothic metal band Voices Of Destiny was founded already in 2004, but they did things slowly in the early years of their career. In 2007 they released a demo, and then took another three years before their label debut From The Ashes was finally out. The first impression upon listening is that Massacre Records are trying hard to find a replacement for Edenbridge who left the company a few years back.

From a technical point of view, Voices Of Destiny are acting quite adeptly. Even though it is nothing new, their symphonic metal, which due to the male growls reminds a little of Atargatis, is rather good. The band switches skilfully between faster and quieter parts, and vocalist Maike Holzmann doesn’t have to hide behind the competition. Most songs should have all it takes to appeal to traditional and gothic metal fans alike.

Nevertheless there are a few points of criticism that the band has to face. First of all the album comes across as some kind of exercise in gothic metal. The band shows too little heart’s blood and occasionally seems a little uninspired, as if it’s more important to follow the path of their predecessors as to try to find their own direction. Furthermore a couple of tracks can’t quite keep up with the otherwise high quality level. Endeavour To Life and the piano ballad Bitter Visions are too harmless and thus disturb the overall flow. In contrast the suspense filled Hourglass stands out as the CD’s highlight.

Considering this being a debut, From The Ashes has turned out not bad at all, but Voices Of Destiny have to work hard on their identity if they want to ascend into the top league with bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence and the likes.

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