VOLBEAT - Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil

Volbeat - Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil

11 songs
42:40 minutes
***** ***


Volbeat from Denmark would have good chances to win an award in the category ‘best album title of the year’ if such a category existed. But there’s much more behind their second CD than just a funny and/or ridiculous sounding album title.

The info sheet describes Volbeat as Elvis Metal’n Rollers. If I had to find other comparisons, the first two people coming into my mind would be Glenn Danzig and Mike Ness. No surprise that the second song is called Mr and Mrs Ness, a tribute to the parents of one of the world’s greatest rockers. The combination of rock’n’roll, rockabilly and metal is working out alright, with Volbeat still paying attention to deliver a diverse record. Devil Or The Blue Cat’s Song could have come from an old Misfits record. Radio Girl and the semi-ballad Soulweeper #2 sound as if they were outtakes from the Grease soundtrack, A Moment Forever is the band’s most hectic track and The Garden’s Tale shows Volbeat from a more sentimental side.

It’s just fun listening to the entire album. Although it has a strong retro touch, it’s comes acress very refreshingly. One reason why I’ve put this CD already so often into my player is Volbeat’s talent for writing great choruses you won’t forget so easily. They have found a way to satisfy rockers and metalheads alike, as long as their audience has a little tolerance towards other genres.

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