VOMITORY - Blood Rapture

Vomitory - Blood Rapture

9 songs
32:43 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade

Vomitory... the name sounds already rather disgusting, and also the demonically gory cover artwork lets you expect already really unrelenting music. You won't be disappointed. Vomitory are a brutal death metal band from Sweden that started already back in 1989. Although Blood Rapture is already their fourth album, it's only the second on Metal Blade records.

If you are a number freak, you'll notice immediately that the album is a rather short one. You can look at that fact as something negative (not much music for you money), but in this case I'd go for a more positive explanation. In fact, Vomitory's songs are mostly very short and to the point. They combine the evil atmosphere of death metal with the brutally fast-paced thrash genre. It's therefore probably no big surprise that the opening notes of the album opener Chaos Fury sound a lot like Slayer's Angel Of Death. You have, more or less, the same approach: no speed limits, great guitar work with sometimes astounding harmonies, but overall a no-holds-barred and take-no-prisoners approach.

If you like bands like the Haunted or The Crown, you will surely love this album too. For more information, you should visit the band's homepage.

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