VOMITORY - Primal Massacre

Vomitory - Primal Massacre

10 songs
34:23 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Two years after Blood Rapture, Vomitory from Sweden are back with their fifth release called Primal Massacre. The album cover is as appetising as the band name and now it's more or less obvious what to expect: classic Swedish death metal with a thrash metal background. A very positive aspect about this record is that it again contains no unnecessary parts. The negative aspect: there is no real improvement compared to its predecessor. The album is again not lasting much more than half an hour, but this may be explained by the songs' conciseness: they come immediately to the point. The vocals are sounding very evil and brutal as you may expect from a death metal band. But a difference between Vomitory and other death metal bands is the more thrashy instrumentation. I suppose that the musicians were listening to a lot of Venom and Slayer before founding the band in 1989. Especially Slayer may be Vomitory's biggest influence. On their last record, the opening track sounded a lot like Angel Of Death. This time, Gore Apocalypse is quite close to Raining Blood, especially the guitar parts. But even if they try to play at maximum speed like Slayer, other songs contain more harmonic parts (Stray Bullet Kill, Condemned By Pride, Cursed Revelations). Although Primal Massacre can't top Blood Rapture, it is however a great brutal album which can only be recommended to fans of that genre.

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