VOMITORY - Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize

Vomitory - Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize

11 songs
41:12 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


The album title and the cover artwork of the sixth Vomitory album let you guess that the Swedish death metal band has become even rawer and more brutal than ever before. Their previous records contained a few melodic parts and were influenced by Slayer which isn't so predominant anymore on the new album.

Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize starts with Eternal Trail Of Corpses, a raw piece of death metal with a solid grind flair. Scavenging The Slaughtered is the only track showing still some references to Slayer, then the album immediately becomes rougher with the title track and The Burning Black, both sounding like a furious combination of Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse. Defiled And Inferior is one of the album's fastest tracks and the only one with a guitar solo. March Into Oblivion is a groovier song, adding necessary diversity to the record. Whispers From The Dead is a midtempo song, but still contains enough brutality. Heresy is again a faster track with great grind passages. Flesh Passion contains groovy and harmonic parts and should be adored by every Carcass fan. Finally the closure of the album comes with Cremation Ceremony, another crude and disgusting death metal tune.

Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize is an album which you won't digest as easily as Primal Massacre, the Vomitory record from 2004. But if you invest the necessary time, you will discover enough elements worth listening to. Vomitory have now been around for about fifteen years and they are still finding new ideas to create fresh sounding death metal songs.

It's also possible to get a limited version of this record containing a bonus DVD showing two live gigs by Vomitory. The first one is a club gig (La Laiterie / Strasbourg) from 2006 and the second one is an open air gig from the Summer Breeze festival in 2004. That seems to be value for money.

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