VOTUM - Metafiction

Votum - Metafiction

7 songs
44:31 minutes


Polish prog metal band Votum were founded in 2003 and took five years before their debut Time Must Have A Stop came out. One year later, they were already back with the follow-up Metafiction. Don't expect overly playful progressive music, but rather some of the more atmospheric kind which might as well be called prog rock.

I have to admit that I don’t get easy access to this album. I do like Riverside, but they sound more dynamic than Votum who prefer quieter sounds and often take a lot of time for build-up. Especially Faces and Indifferent have a soporific effect on me. The instrumentation is too decent for my taste. You get the impression that the band is afraid to disturb someone with their music. The vocals are also overly tame. Some edgier moments would certainly have been welcome. The overall impression is too aseptic, making it hard to discover any passion. Although the CD rarely manages to rouse me, there are a few highlights on the album. Stranger Than Fiction offers a few harder moment, and the nearly ten minute long December 20th shows that they band has a playful side after all.

Despite some bright spots, the average overweighs. Metafiction is an album lacking vitality and individuality. The prog scene contains many bands that perform the genre with more gusto.

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