WAD BILLYS - Crash Your Party

Wad Billys - Crash Your Party

7 songs
19:36 minutes
***** *


Some bands make it really hard to describe their sound. Not so the Wad Billys from Metz who play straight and simple garage rock on their seven-track EP Crash Your Party. It must be the working class background of the Lorraine region in France, as the Wad Billys have the subtlety of a steel worker in full sweat. The songs are mainly fast, the rhythm never complex, and the guitar is churning out three chord garage punk songs that are as easily remembered as they are forgotten.

The production is very demo-like, there is no real power behind the recordings, which is a shame as although the Wad Billys are a very primitive band, they have also understood of crafting effective songs from minimalist ingredients. The title track and the rock’n’rolling Moneymaker are two items you should definitely check out. You can listen to a couple of their songs on their homepage and decide for yourself. Never innovative and sounding a little flat, Crash Your Party is a classical garage recording swimming slightly above the average. If the band succeeds in tapping their potential to the fullest, we might be in for something more powerful in the future.

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