Les Wad-Billys - Hot Brain

4 songs
12:13 minutes
***** **


Les Wad-Billys are from Eastern France (Metz, to be more precise), but the garage rockers sound as if they came straight from New York or Australia. Hot Brain is released on vinyl accompanied by a CD to ease life for the digital generation.

The three-piece has been building quite a reputation in the punk rock scene in and around Metz, and their new release shows why. The four tracks are all about three minutes long, played at a brisk pace and full of dirt and energy. The retro touch is carefully fostered, in a way that their music wouldn’t sound awry in smut movies like Porky’s and the likes. While the band opts mostly for English lyrics, Eclair comes in their native tongue, which is a good thing because their English sports quite an accent: Special Thing sounds rather like "Special Sing".

Les Wad-Billys are definitely not groundbreaking, but they certainly know how to entertain on this short EP. Those into bands like The Stooges should hasten to give this a try, as Hot Brain is limited to 250 copies.

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