WALLS OF JERICHO - The Bound Feed The Gagged

Walls Of Jericho - The Bound Feed The Gagged

11 songs
22:35 minutes
***** **


Not being the most active band on the planet, it would have been a surprise to get already a new album from Walls Of Jericho. Instead their label reissues their debut longplayer (at not even 23 minutes hardly deserving of the name), and you wonder why they couldn’t acquire the rights to the preceding EP to pad it to a more decent running time.

I can’t say that I am overly familiar with Walls Of Jericho, but I do remember seeing them live in a weird pub in Dudelange in late 2003 where their frontwoman Candice Kucsulain proved that female singer can be much more than just decoration. In fact, this album was recorded in 1999, years before the metalcore movement become an irritating trend. If you didn’t know any better, you might think of The Bound Feed The Gagged as a particularly nasty piece of metalcore, but I guess back then this was just considered some kind of hardcore / thrash metal crossbreed.

Strangely enough, this re-release consolidates Walls Of Jericho’s reputation as precursors of a movement they probably would never have wanted to spearhead in the first place. Ten of the songs are relentless hardcore attacks with Candace’s inhuman vocals, only Angel is an utterly fragile ballad you wouldn’t have expected from this heavily tattooed woman. Sold at a social mid-price, The Bound Feed The Gagged is an educational piece of musical history that has withstood the test of time with hardly any problems.

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