WARLORD - Rising Out Of The Ashes

Warlord - Rising Out Of The Ashes

9 songs
50:51 minutes
***** ***


What a fitting title for the comeback CD of this metal legend from the 80ies. It has been more than 15 years that Warlord haven't released a real album, and now they are back with an unexpected reunion. Surprisingly they are taking up on their past as if they had been around forever without any break and nothing had happened. The trio still consists of two early members William Tasmis (g) and Mark Zonder who is also known as Fates Warning drummer. The only new member is Joacim Cans, well known as the Hammerfall frontman. You find eight new tracks on the CD which may be described as typical epic mystic melodic metal which got already played by Warlord years ago. Their most popular track, Lucifer's Hammer, gets played in a new version. Warlord have been a major influence for a lot of today's metal bands and again, they show how different epic metal may be. The opener Battle Of The Living Dead is very powerful, Winds Of Thor is a metal hymn and My Name Is War is surprisingly quiet. Definitely this CD will be a classic for epic metal fans. People preferring alternative sounds will wonder if this reunion really was necessary.

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