Warmaster - First War

8 songs
35:02 minutes
Dutch Metal


Warmaster from the Netherlands are advocates of old school death metal, with a sound close to Six Feet Under, Bolt Thrower or their countrymen Gorefest and Hail Of Bullets.

Their fittingly titled debut First War starts with a shrill intro that efficiently scared away my cats. It is followed by death metal of the most basic kind that is not even especially well produced. This may give the album a certain pioneer charm, but the drums could have done with more punch. The growling vocals are quite monotonous and quickly lose appeal. You could defend their simple approach as a tribute to early extreme metal bands like Possessed, and it is also nice that they don’t follow any current trends, but there is no denying that Warmaster still have a long way to go. The band tries for some variety, with Psychological Suffering and Silence sporting some sluggish doom riffs, but that doesn’t help to overcome the overall repetitive nature of the album. Even the nearly seven minute long 1914 which ends the album can’t set any new accents.

Warmaster have chosen a field which has been ploughed by many bands before them, so that First War can’t come up with any surprises. Nostalgic old school death metal completists might still check this one out, anybody else is definitely better served with the originals.

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