WARNING SF - Aftermath

Warning SF - Aftermath

10 songs
35:49 minutes
***** **


I thought I had seen it all when it comes to reunions or comebacks. If we all understood the reason why bands like Destruction or Mercyful Fate came back, it became already more obscure when I heard of bands like Assassin (anyone remember them?) trying it too. But when a band like Warning SF, a band that never even - as far as I am informed - released a regular album, all of a sudden is resurfacing with a three record deal with Mausoleum Records, then I don't understand the world anymore.

That were my feelings until before I actually listened to Aftermath. Warning SF started out 20 years ago and disbanded already in 1985. Band leader Jon Torres played afterwards in many other Bay Area metal bands, of which Laaz Rocket were probably the most famous one. Aftermath doesn't contain any new songs, but seven re-recorded tracks from the 80ies plus three songs that are probably from a mid-Eighties demo-tape. The newly recorded songs have a very appropriate production, and still relate strongly to the power thrash of the 80ies. Warning SF show that they were very good songwriters, with a style somewhere between the power of Wargasm and the intricate melodies of Heathen. They are best when they play short fast songs like Road Death and Thunderhead. The old songs at the end of the CD have been remastered, so they sound better than expected, although worse than the previous songs. The vocals (by a different singer) are digging deeper in 80ies metal clichés (high pitched metal shrieks), but apart from that, you get the impression that you are listening to an old Metal Massacre compilation.

I just have two questions in my mind: Couldn't Warning SG have recorded more than just seven songs that don't even last half an hour? Are they still able to come up with new material (not from the 80ies) that has the same high quality as this album? I only give this album 7 points: this is a comeback that makes much more sense as most of the expected ones, because the quality is very high, but the fact that there is so little material, and not even one new song, prevents me from giving a higher rating this album had deserved otherwise.

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