WARRIORS - Genuine Sense Of Outrage

Warriors - Genuine Sense Of Outrage

13 songs
33:54 minutes
***** *


Hardcore should be about the genuine sense of outrage and not just a fashion. I couldn’t agree more with the Warriors, but their third album, and first one of Victory, comes at least ten years late. The label wants to aim this at fans of Rage Against The Machine, but I don’t hear the charismatic vocals and the exquisite guitar playing, and what this has in common with Refused is still a mystery to me. Also I am looking in vain for elements of hip-hop in their music. The Warriors just play plain old school hardcore the way we loved it from Sick Of It All (whose vocalist Lou Koller is making a guest appearance on Mankind Screams), Madball and Biohazard, especially when it comes to the tough guy scream choruses. And when I heard a familiar voice on Price Of Punishment, I was positively surprised that the Warriors got the real and one and only Lemmy Kilmister do add some vocals too.

The Warriors are a touring band, and the stage is probably where they develop to pure blossom, but Genuine Sense Of Outrage eventually is just an old school hardcore album that is too groovy for my taste. Some faster elements, and it would have been a more varied experience. Later on this year, the Warriors will play a show in Luxembourg, and maybe then they can convince me of their live qualities, but until then, I better shelve Genuine Sense Of Outrage as a slightly above average but unfortunately dated attempt at a hardcore record.

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