WATCHMAKER - Erased From The Memory Of Man

Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory Of Man

16 songs
26:18 minutes


I would expect some intricate, complex kind of music from a band that dares to call itself Watchmaker, but there you are, these guys hammer down their sixteen songs in not even half an hour, playing some of the most uncompromising grindcore imaginable. While I am always fond of extreme kinds of metal music, Watchmaker sadly lack the necessary variety to make their new album Erased From The Memory Of Man a worthwhile effort. If the first couple of songs are still an impressive showcase of brutal musicianship, it eventually all feels like one uninspired trip through the vaults of noise core hell. The drums sound like the drummer falling down the stairs of the top floor of the Empire State Building (guess that takes 26 minutes?), the production is so raw and dirty that even occasional technical glimpses are subdued in the general sonic chaos. The vocals are like a rabid dog barking with a sore throat.

Extreme metal fans may get some fun out of this merciless record, but disciplined songwriting and a more transparent production would have benefited this album a lot.

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