Waterdown - All Riot

11 songs
***** ***


Waterdown, the only European band that is licensed by Chicago's well known label Victory Records, impressed me in the past quite strongly with their first two albums Never Kill The Boy On The First Date and The Files You Have On Me. Their songs were always very dynamic and two different singers (one screaming in rage, one responsible for melodic parts) put enough variation into the music.

In 2004, one of the singers quit the band, but Waterdown continued writing new material and soon found a new vocalist who was a long time fan of the band and present at many of their concerts. The result you hear on All Riot really isn't too bad, but slightly different from their past albums. The emotional parts have nearly vanished and the general attitude of the songs is harder and less polished. On the opener Sleep Well, title and music don't fit at all; I have never heard Waterdown so brutal before. When they are angry, they sound a bit like Snapcase what can be heard on tracks like You Are The One and Parasites. But aggression often is combined with melodic punk rock what's more to my taste. Cut The Cord, Moshpit Etiquette and Repeater are just a few examples reflecting Waterdown's influence by BoySetsFire and Thursday. Even if a song contains slight emo parts (Til The Very End), it's still aggressive and straight into your face. The most melodic and my favourite track is My Hopelessness And Me, unsurprisingly the single and video edit.

Waterdown are less emo and more uptempo than before. I have to admit that I preferred their two preceding albums, but a new singer implies of course a musical change. Waterdown are still a great band yet I would have loved having a few more songs on the record which could have been longer.

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