WATERDOWN - The Files You Have On Me

Waterdown - The Files You Have On Me

13 songs
46:26 minutes
***** *****


Waterdown's debut album Never Kill A Boy On The First Date was one of the most surprising newcomer outputs I've ever heard. Seldom before has a band been able to create an amalgamation of hardcore, punk and even some metal. The new and second CD The Files You Have On Me is the logical consequence of the debut. Waterdown's most distinguishing characteristic is the use of two very different sounding singers: one is always screaming in rage and the other one has a right feeling for melodies. There has also been a member change in the band. Waterdown now have a jazz-trained drummer which allows the band to write more complicated song structures. As it was already the case on the debut, Waterdown still show a wide repertoire of hardcore music. The opener Bulletproof and the following song A Fortress are two real crushers. Transient, one of my favourite tracks, underlines the importance of two different sounding singers. Some songs are very poppy like Decaffeinated with nearly a-ha-like vocals. Although slightly harder, Nails All Broken Short is an excellent example for high quality melodic emo. Again, Waterdown have been able to create a musical jewel, suitable for fans of bands like BoySetsFire, The Used, Glassjaw and Finch.

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