WAX - Stop At Nothing

Wax - World Wide Wax

12 songs
70:38 minutes
***** ****


All people missing the great melancholic guitar pop albums by the Throwing Muses or Tanya Donelly can be relieved that the first album by Wax has been released. On World Wide Wax, the four musicians play a very diverse kind of noisy guitar pop with wonderful melancholic female voices. The opener Never Back is very melodic and goes easily into your mind. Hymn Of The Wasted Days is a more noisy track while Psychobabes shows that Wax are interested in wave music, too. A slow like Always shows that singer Katharina Walter's voice is not too far away from Kristin Hersh. Harmunicum 02 and the 16 minutes lasting Cyan are played at a lo-fi level combined with atmospheric, trance-like moods. The only disappointing fact is that the album is containing three little exciting instrumental interludiums. But this shouldn't disturb too much from the fact that Wax are one of the most promising newcomers concerning guitar pop. Not only that they are playing great independent pop rock, but their repertoire is full of variation. Both thumbs up for Wax.

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