WEAKONSTRUCTION - 18 Minute Revolution

Weakonstruction - 18 Minute Revolution

7 songs
17:45 minutes
***** *


According to Andy Warhol, everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. Northern Luxembourgish punk rockers Weakonstruction are extending this quarter hour to their very own, personal 18 Minute Revolution on their debut EP. The Ísling hasn’t really been a melting pot of popular rock bands so far, which gives this young three-piece the opportunity to put their rural region on the musical landscape of our tiny country. After the two minute instrumental Intro, Weakonstruction offer six more compact punk songs that are all between two and three minutes long. No Style is an anthemic punk rocker with a melody that screams to be sung along to in a live situation, whereas The World I See, featuring their producer Charel Stoltz on additional vocals, shows us the band from their rawer side. Best song is the weirdly titled Dicke Bertha which turns out to be a really sweet kind of ballad that takes advantage of Eric Rosenfeld’s backing vocals. The Room is a more generic kind of punk rock song, We Don’t Understand is another punk anthem that should be shouted along to during live shows. The EP ends with These Days, again with Eric Rosenfeld on backing vocals, although this track is not as successful as the highlight gracing the middle of the disc.

Charel Stoltz’s production takes the best out of Weakonstruction, who are still a rather young band, and it shows. Pascal’s is a very dedicated singer whose voice can’t always keep up with his intentions. The band plays adequately well, although the shadows of Versus You (whose driver and merchandise guy Pascal used to be and/or still is), Eric Rosenfeld and even Last Millennium Suckers (guitar sound!) are omnipresent. 18 Minute Revolution is definitely not what it claims, but surprises with some really nice moments and a splendid ballad. Give these boys a few more years and experience, and they might very likely transform themselves into a household name of local punk rock music.

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