WELCH BOYS - Drinkin’ Angry

Welch Boys - Drinkin’ Angry

18 songs
48:54 minutes
***** ****
I Scream


A first look at the cover of the Welch Boys’ second CD Drinkin’ Angry made me expect folk punk music. Furthermore they come from Boston, hometown of the Dropkick Murphys. I was proven wrong after listening as the Welch Boys have a considerably harder approach. Vocalist Ed Lallis is by the way the guitarist in Slapshot.

The Welch Boys play an excellent mix of punk and rock’n’roll, which we might as well label street punk. Despite its unusually long running time, the CD never sounds boring because the band is constantly providing variation. The opener Head In The Sand contains a few typically Welsh folk element, but is followed by more rocking tracks. There are many great hymns, like Charlie The Marine, My Own Creation and Route Irish with a melody that’s hard to forget. Other highlights are Stronger, reminding me of Dead Kennedys, and the fast Two Steps Forward with slight parallels to the Toy Dolls. It’s unfortunate that Pervert, with the interesting addendum of a children’s choir, is such an unbalanced treatise of The Who’s Pete Townsend, who was wrongfully suspected of paedophilia five years ago. It should be noted that the lyrics are not only about smoking and drinking (even though the vocalist just sounds like that), but also about more serious topics like politics and religion.

The Welch Boys manage with Drinkin’ Angry to catapult themselves to the top of the street punk movement. Their music is entertaining and fun, and undoubtedly after a few beers, it will be impossible to stand still.

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