WELTENBRAND - The End Of The Wizard

WeltenBrand - The End Of The Wizard

9 songs
51:14 minutes
***** **


It must be frustrating coming from a country which is even smaller than Luxembourg. Or how would you explain the inherent melancholy of Liechtenstein's WeltenBrand? Irony aside, this small duchy perched in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland has quite a fecund scene, with WeltenBrand probably the most popular band with a history that spans already ten years, even if during the last five it was rather quiet about them, and I had already forgotten them, having been only familiar with their debut.

The End Of The Wizard would be dark romantic metal, except that I hesitate to call music metal when there are absolutely no guitars. Instead you get violins à gogo, band founder Oliver Falk's symphonic keyboards, a rhythm section consisting of drum and bass (the only regular rock element here) and two vocalists who deliver male and female vocals, but who also thankfully stay clear of the beauty-and-the-beast cliché, which is mostly due to Ritchie Wenaweser's very warm and mellow voice.

The End Of The Wizard combines many elements, from dark romantic wave to medieval sounds and classical moments. This may not be the most original album, but they also never try desperately to please the rock crowd, relying instead on classical instrumentation and sad atmospheres. I wonder if it's a good idea to release such a chilling music in this crazily hot summer, but then maybe it has enough potential to cool people sufficiently down. The End Of The Wizard is a pleasing album aimed at a fanbase located somewhere between Lacrimosa and Clannad. This should guarantee a well-deserved eclectic success.

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