WENDYCODE - Hunting Your Night

Wendycode - Hunting Your Night

4 songs
17:16 minutes
***** **
Silver Station


France has always been a good breeding ground for electronic music. From a pioneer like Jean-Michel Jarre to later bands like Air, Daft Punk and Justice, they always showed the world that they may not have the best rock bands, but when it comes to synthetic music, they are the undisputed champions. Wendycode from Paris still have a long way to go, but the four songs on their new EP Hunting Your Night, following their debut longplayer Am I Snowing?, makes definitely hungry for more.

The opener Hunting Your Night is a pleasant upbeat song combining pop, rock and electro elements, with a strong nod to the Eighties when new wave was in its prime time. The following Upper Mountains Waterfalls starts just as jumpy, but wobbly synthesizers quickly add a melodramatic Seventies touch that reminds of early Pink Floyd and Soft Machine. We Are Not Robots veers again into a catchier direction although a certain melancholy is shimmering in the background. The EP ends with Misery And Fortune, my personal highlight, as it uses mellotron sounds to create a modern revamping of British prog, not unlike Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

Hunting Your Night is an interesting introduction to a French band that can play interesting pop music but it always at their best when they delve deeper into vintage sounds to come up with a modern day interpretation of old electronic sounds. This is a band we should keep an eye on!

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