WHALES - March Twenty-Twelve

Whales - March Twenty-Twelve

2 songs
12:10 minutes
***** **
(self released)


Whales is a quartet from Chicago who released their eponymous debut album in March 2011. The follow-up is in the making, but until it’s completed, the band decided to release a two-track tour single. Whales could be deemed a shoegaze band, but that by itself wouldn’t do them justice. Their sound is actually steeped deeply in the late Eighties and early Nineties, but they are smart enough to add a sufficient amount of noise rock and psychedelic elements to make them more than just passably interesting.

The single starts with the elegiac Adrift, a song where you can understand the shoegaze references. The rhythm is nicely slow, the female vocals artfully disinterested, and the basic production lends the track a welcome warm atmosphere. The following Seafaring cranks things up a notch, and it’s here where Whales truly show their full potential. The song starts out typically enough, but it doesn’t take long to add some punch, noisy guitars and an overall more engaging momentum.

For now I have decided to give this single a decent seven point rating, and frankly, it isn’t easy judging a band by only having heard two tracks (and I could have listened to their debut, if I only had enough time). If their upcoming album contains more of their more energising noisy songs, without entirely giving up their mellower shoegaze material, I am certain that I will find it in myself to rate them even higher!

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