Whatever It Takes - D.H.M.

8 songs
24:02 minutes
***** *
Filled With Hate


Whatever It Takes, a traditional old-school hardcore band, were formed in 2004 as a side project of Belgian death metal band Outcast. Their singer is also a member of Die My Demon and Sad Origin. After a split-CD with King Of Clubz, the band releases their first EP.

The first three tracks are fast and brutal NYHC songs played on a technically quite basic level. There are mid-tempo gang chants, fast and brutal guitar attacks and of course a lot of energy. The band is spreading quite a destructive and pissed-off attitude. Another old-school smasher is Hostility, but there’s also another side of Whatever It Takes. Coldblooded Discharge surprises with two different kinds of vocals, Whatever It Takes has some interesting breaks leading from mid-tempo parts to dirty crust attacks and D.H.M. is sounding like a weird early Suicidal Tendencies.

It is obvious that Whatever It Takes are standing behind the music that they are playing. They are not another trendy metalcore band, but are influenced from the NYHC icons that were popular a quarter of a century ago. Everyone who likes those old bastards will probably also have fun with Whatever It Takes. But there’s the usual question which has to be asked: Why should we listen to another copy instead to the originals?

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