When Tigers Fight - Ghost Story

12 songs
28:04 minutes
Indecision / Dead Serious


With members having been involved in bands like Hope Conspiracy, Death By Stereo and Damnation A.D. among others, you would expect something very special from all-star hardcore band When Tigers Fight, so how much bigger the disappointment when the first chords of the opener All That's Left trickle from your speakers. Instead of some contemporary take on hardcore music, all you get are twelve classic old school hardcore tracks that sound like Biohazard, early Corrosion Of Conformity or Sick Of It All on a very bad day. Maybe there are folks out there who still lament the "good old" days when hardcore was really angry and you needed a whole mob of tattooed muscled guys to scream the choruses in the toughest macho way possible, but Ghost Story unfortunately comes across like a very lame excuse to live an age that would better have been forgotten.

At least the guitars groove quite nicely from time to time, and the fact that the rather short songs keep the album eventually under half an hour, make this ordeal liveable, even if I doubt that I will ever listen to it again. For old school aficionados only!

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