WHEN WE FALL - We Untrue Our Minds

When We Fall - We Untrue Our Minds

10 songs
27:52 minutes
***** ***
I For Us


The opener Restore And Erase – Erase And Restore takes no prisoners. This ninety second short song is an incredible outburst of energy that segues right into Summer Dying Fast, another high energy track that gives a first impression of When We Fall as a screamo band, but the young Swedes are too smart to settle only for one genre. Arming their songs with epic choruses, allowing for melodic vocals and sounding at times like an alternative rock band that has switched over to crunchier guitars, When We Fall happen to sound more experienced as their still young career should allow for. Founded only in 2003, We Untrue Our Minds is their first longplayer (even though quite a short one) after an EP released in 2005. The middle of the album becomes all of a sudden rather tame, but in a good way, with An Act In The Culture being a downright emo rock song with Hammond organ parts that could even get airplay on not so stuck up radio stations. No kidding, but here they sound like Bright Eyes teaming up with an American arena rock band like Boston or Journey. Strange but beautiful!

To make things even stranger, there follows a melancholic instrumental with accordion, which is repeated on the CD’s last track Sunny Tiny Spirits – Lost And Grand, giving the record something like an overall concept. We Untrue Our Minds is only a short half hour long, but this prevents the band from running out of steam, and by including atypical instruments, they elevate emo to something grander. In fact they have created an astonishingly original album in a genre where most bands suffer from a lack of ideas.

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