Whiskey Rebels - Create Or Die

12 songs
32:33 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


Street punk is a genre that needs true commitment to really work well. The Whiskey Rebels from California have been playing together since the early 2000’s. Their second longplayer Create Or Die was released in the USA already in 2004, but only now, three years later, in Europe.

Take a big chunk of street punk, spice it up with some oi chants and a dirty rock’n’roll attitude, and your dish is ready. Maybe it’s their warm West Coast background, but the Whiskey Rebels sound comparatively sunnier than most other street punk band I can think of. The music is flawlessly played raw punk rock, and the band has in Big Chuck a vocalist whose grating yet melodic voice adds to the overall quality of the album.

Sounding at times like a more pissed off Rancid, without the ska and reggae elements, the Whiskey Rebels have manufactured a solid punk rock album with a dozen fast and uncompromising punk hymns that remind me why I loved punk rock in the first place.

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