WHITE CIRCLE CRIME CLUB - These Are The Secret Sounds Of Fear

White Circle Crime Club - These Are The Secret Sounds Of Fear

4 songs
14:14 minutes
***** ***


Belgium may be a tiny country (and this written by a Luxembourger), but they have a wide assortment of beers, the best French (!) fries, an above average soccer team and a very interesting music scene. After having delivered greatness in independent music (dEUS, Zita Swoon, Moondog Jr.,...), it's now time for the ever growing post punk scene to appear. Quetzal and Soon are two of these promising newcomers, and the third one may well be White Circle Crime Club.

Like their counterparts, they don't sound provincial at all, but come up with music that has its roots deeply in the Eighties noise rock scene, but played at a quite original level. This EP only features four songs and last for a short quarter hour, but we get already a very promising impression. Angular math rock with distorted noise guitars, sometimes the speed gets taken down a bit to leave room for more emotional moments, just to get the vocalist screaming his lyrics above this well ordered chaos. In fact there is a lot of melody hidden behind seemingly chaotic noise rock, and we are reminded more than once of early Fugazi or middle-period Sonic Youth with something of a punk edge.

It's a debut EP only, but offering already huge amounts of talents. For now, I will give them 8 upstart points, with the hope of hearing more of them in the future.

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