WHITE SKULL - The Ring Of The Ancients

White Skull - The Ring Of The Ancients

12 songs
57:29 minutes
***** **


The Ring Of The Ancients is the seventh album by Italian classic heavy metal band White Skull. And it is also their third concept album. Their two past concepts were about old Roman history and Vikings, the new one has again a historical background, dealing with the ancient Celts.

Although White Skull are an Italian band, they don't play symphonic epic true metal with high pitched vocals and an overwhelming amount of keyboards. They prefer traditional heavy metal as it was played in the mid to late 80s by bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Victory. Most songs are played quite fast and also contain many melodic elements. Especially the choruses have quite simple but cool and catchy structures. This recipe works especially well on Ogam, Ninth Night (which also comes as an enhanced video clip on the CD) and After The Battle. The album also contains some cool metal hymns that have the potential to become live smashers (Guardians, From The Mist, Valhalla). The only two songs that I don't like so much are Half Moon Path, suffering from a lack of tempo, and Marching To Alesia which is sounding too Nordic and doesn't fit into the album concept.

The Ring Of The Ancients of course isn't an innovative album and I doubt that it will become a milestone in music history. But every metal traditionalist will certainly discover several tracks on this album that may be up to their taste.

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