WHIZZ KID - The Yellow And Blue EP

Whizz Kid - The Yellow And Blue EP

4 songs
15:58 minutes
***** **


Some bands are all over the Internet, others again seem to keep such a low profile that it is next to impossible to find much information about them. One such latter case is the duo Whizz Kid, consisting of J-Kane from Belgium and Yo Yo Nielsen from Scotland. Their The Yellow And Blue EP has been released by Scottish label Bearsuit, a small company specialised in bringing quite unusual music to open-minded people.

The four tracks featured on Whizz Kid’s EP all share a certain sense of foreboding and doom, although they tackle darkness with a different approach. The opener Summer Bubbles start is carried by a melancholic piano melody that is later joined by a gloomy synth melody and a muscular beat. Altogether this reminds of some of Tortoise’s earlier works. This is followed by The Yellow And Blue where the piano sounds already a lot darker. Also we get vocals this time whose whispered delivery tears the track into a more threatening industrial direction. Next up is another instrumental, Some Kind Of Temporary, which is a chilly trip hop experience with a nice breakbeat. The EP ends with the percussive Snow Burning, another vocal track, on a very freezing note.

The Yellow And Blue EP seems like a preview of what this Belgian-Scottish duo is able of. Despite trying different genres, this sixteen minute long affair manages to sound homogenous. With the shortest song running not even half a minute less than the longest one, you wonder if Whizz Kid are willing to try longer structures in the future, to allow the listener to get really immersed in their surreal sound worlds. Until then, The Yellow And Blue EP is an experimental indie post rock record that should be accessible enough to reach an audience beyond the arty avant-garde crowd.

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