WHOREMOAN - Youth Must Dare

Whoremoan - Youth Must Dare

9 songs
35:21 minutes
***** **


I always considered stoner rock to be a genre that was already passť at the moment the industry discovered and hyped it. That being said, it doesn't change the fact that there still seems to be a fertile underground generating band after band playing this dirty fuzzy kind of rock, independent of the reality that there is no fame to be gained with this genre.

Whoremoan certainly have used more originality with their band name than with their sound, but from the opening track Killer Gorilla onward, it's perfectly clear that we are in the presence of illuminated four young men who know how to transform themselves into a sonic bulldozer that's doing anything but taking prisoners. Lying somewhere between Kyuss and Monster Magnet, Whoremoan from Essex, England alternate between short hard rocking power tracks and longer more freewheeling epics (like the excellent Sympathy Crutch and Capri) that always remain firmly grounded.

The vocals are powerful, the rhythm section relentless, and the guitars churn out chords as if there were no tomorrow. Nothing new truly, but done with such a conviction and honesty that you can't but like the final result. There is no prize for originality to win, but it will be hard to find unadulterated stoner rock better accomplished than here.

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