WICKED IMMIGRANT - Reunion Of Cynics

Wicked Immigrant - Reunion Of Cynics

14 songs
46:35 minutes
***** ****
Friendly Psychics


Wicked Immigrant were formed in 2003 and are two guys creating home-recorded music. This doesn't sound very spectacular at first, but Reunion Of Cynics is a fascinating record which has already found several times its way into my CD player. The most curious fact about this album is the way of recording. John Wenzel is the head behind Friendly Psychics Music, a label that specialises in releasing albums of bands that haven't practised together. Although this sounds like a chaotic punk attitude, the musical output is completely unexpected. The two musicians John Wenzel and Chris Jones were recording their parts in their own homes (Ohio and Colorado) and sent the result to each other by zip discs. This is the same way of recording as chosen by Upstate, another band from the same label. The two guys play very calm lo-fi independent folk. To give the whole music a certain mid-fi feeling, they were supported by friends playing guitar, cello and piano on several songs to create a tinge of orchestral bombast. I especially like the songs with cello which gives them a certain chamber music touch. My favourite track is Pyramid Law, sounding like a Guided By Voices ballad. Similarities between the voices of John Wenzel and Rob Pollard are obvious. Wicked Immigrant show on the whole record that it's possible to be calm and relax without sounding too mellow.

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