WICKED IMMIGRANT - White Nuns On Red Wine

Wicked Immigrant - White Nuns On Red Wine

10 songs
29:54 minutes
***** ***
Friendly Psychics Music

White Nuns On Red Wine is the second CD by Wicked Immigrant, the US two-piece famous for its home recordings. As the two band members John Wenzel (v, g, k) and Chris Jones (b) are living in two different states, they have to record their songs at home and send their tapes to each other. The result was already very convincing on their debut Reunion Of Cynics, and the second attempt is anything but worse. Although White Nuns On Red Wine isn't that different from their debut, it can't be considered a copy. The musicians write on their homepage that the approach towards song writing is more direct, but in my opinion, this was already the case on the debut. Again, you should expect very calm and relax songs that are maybe not overly exciting, but very entertaining. The music is somehow a conglomeration of folk, country, indie rock, pop, all played in a pure lo-fi way. Wicked Immigrant prove that they have a tight sense for melodies. A few wonderful examples are Brittle Sisters, Batter Of The Sods and Fake Virgins Arrested, my favourite track on the record. Everyone who likes melancholic singer/songwriter music should love this album. The two band members also are supported by guest musicians playing cello, harmonica and piano on different tracks. I just wonder why there's a Viking on the back cover. I don't see any relation to this, neither in the songwriting nor in the lyrics that deal about poetic themes like hope, despair and other emotions. I'm glad to hear that Wicked Immigrant again were able to write cool songs although the musicians still haven't practiced together. A strange, but worth supporting band.

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