Wicked Mystic - Lithium

12 songs
49:54 minutes
***** **


The album title is reminding of a Nirvana song. The cover artwork might as well be from a techno CD. At least the band name Wicked Mystic is pointing in the right direction: traditional metal from Holland. Wicked Mystic have been around for 10 years and have released since then one mini-CD and two full-length CDs, the latter being Lithium.

You'll get here well crafted melodic thrash, which means a lot of dual guitar shredding with many guitar leads, solid rhythm backbone and a vocalist with a rather high but still rough voice. Although Wicked Mystic are not really an original band, it's hard to come up with comparisons. Think of early 90ies Dream Theater with less (but still some) prog influences.

Lithium is on the one hand a really good album that should appeal to anyone who's into intelligent melodic metal without wanting to go too much the true metal road, but on the other hand, it could have been better. The rather conservative songwriting (all song are more or less 4 minutes long) doesn't add to the suspense you could have got out of a more varied song material, especially since melodic thrash is ideal for sometimes longer structures, as we heard on the last Eidolon output.

Still, a better than average album, and I am giving this 7 solid metal points.

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