WIDOW - Life's Blood

Widow - Life's Blood

12 songs
48:12 minutes
Pure Steel


My researches made me discover five bands – from five different countries and three different continents – that chose to name themselves Widow, but they all have something in common: they play rather old-fashioned power metal. This is also the case for this band from North Carolina who has just released its fourth longplayer Life’s Blood.

The band is stuck in the Eighties and mostly inspired by NWOBHM and US metal. Those genres did come up with some true gems, but not always of course. Unfortunately Widow are just not fit enough to play in the major league. Some of their songs are really not good, others never make it above average. Their main problem is that they lack the necessary heaviness. This might be explained by the fact that they are just a three-piece, but Motörhead showed that this formation is enough to play great music. Judgement Day, The Burning Ones and Lady Twilight are three of Widow’s better songs, but still lack recognition value. Most of their material suffers from a lack of dynamics, so that you always miss the necessary drive. The guitar work may remind of Iron Maiden, but everything turned out just too tame. Other tracks didn’t pass the test of time, like In Dreams which one might label spandex metal. Behind The Light is pure poser rock, and I Scream For Ice Queen might have come from Mötley Crüe. Remembering and Another Fallen Angel even recall Bon Jovi, up to certain vocal similarities.

Nostalgic metal can be really great, but not when the quality is just not up to par. Widow certainly have good intentions, but too often they are acting overly shallow and polite that I guess their music will be more apt for the hard rock and poser (I didn’t think that I would have to use this word in the year 2012) crowds than for those people they probably had in mind. Unfortunately good intentions are alone are not enough to make a captivating album.

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