WIDOW - Nightlife

Widow - Nightlife

11 songs
44:11 minutes
***** *
Cruz Del Sur


Released more or less at the same time and on the same label as the new Slough Feg album, American power metal band Widow essentially demand to be compared to their label mates. Where the more routined band delivered once again a milestone in original heavy metal, Widow can’t really excel on their already third release. Is it because they come from North Carolina, a state which is only known for the Andy Griffith show, and that’s not also already more than forty years ago?

Widow are excellent musicians, and their combination of Eighties US metal and NWOBHM feels flawless, but after a couple of songs, you start to miss the dynamics. The songs all work after the same pattern. It becomes worse once you dare a look at the lyrics and wonder if English is really the native tongue in North Carolina. This is the kind of stuff we wrote as teenagers when we were into our second year of English.

Nightlife is certainly not a bad album. Influences from bands like Riot, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden makes this definitely a retro statement, and ending the CD with two cover versions by Van Halen and Kiss emphasise that previous sentence, but once again, if you have to play remakes, do it like their aforementioned label mates that attacked more obscure acts like Horslips and Manilla Road. Nightlife is a rather short and mildly entertaining album by a band that yet fails to go its own way. There is certainly potential, and no lack of talent, it’s only the vision the four-piece has to work on yet.

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