WILL HAVEN - Carpe Diem

Will Haven - Carpe Diem

10 songs
46:15 minutes
***** ****
Revelation / Music For Nations

When I was young (listen: grandpa is speaking to you), emo core was whiny pseudo punk music from bands like Shudder To Think, and I always shuddered to think about that genre. Then, sometime in the late 90ies, there was a transition, and all of a sudden, emo core was no longer whiny, but rather cathartic in a really angry way. Instead of bawling about the misery in the world, you got singers who were screaming like knifed down pigs. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the big picture.

Which bring us to Will Haven, one of the more popular bands of the genre. Their previous album WHVN became a cult sensation in the underground, so it's now time for a follow-up, and Carpe Diem will sure as hell knock the fillings out of grandma's dentures. Adding a lot of noise textures, Will Haven play a brand of hardcore that can be found somewhere between the late Refused and the hectic Dillinger Escape Plan. Although Will Haven are fortunately less technical than the latter, they don't master the pure genius of the former. Which means that from time to time - especially during the longer songs - Will Haven are meandering through their songs, seemingly going nowhere. But songs like the opener Saga or the bootie kicking Dresssed In Night Clothes (with 3 's' please) show that they are only inches (or centimetres, for the defenders of the metric system) away from being the best of the genre. Whenever Will Haven decide to rock it straight in your face, they are truly masters, and that deserves 9 fat points.

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