WILLKOMMEN ZUHAUSE LAIKA - Und der Rest ist Warten

Willkommen Zuhause Laika - Und der Rest ist Warten

13 songs
50:57 minutes
***** ***
What's So Funny About


Not only does the band have a strange name and a strange look, but their sound isn't conventional, either. I first heard WZHL in 1997 when they were featured on the Hard Of Hearing Vol. 1 compilation by Noiseworks Records as a very good, but quite traditional diskurs pop band. During the six following years, their sound has changed considerably. They say that their music is supported by flanger guitars and vermona organs. Especially the organs give the songs a retro and even slight psychedelic touch. Very often WZHL remind me of the more pop orientated songs by Anyone's Daughter (late 70s, early 80s German pop rock band). WZHL like to write simple trashy pop songs with some funky tunes inside. They can also take advantage from their singer's excellent calm voice. The band also says that the lyrics are very important to them, but they are not easy too understand. That can also be said about the whole album. It surely isn't easy-listening, but if you have the time to listen to it several times, you will discover many pop gems. This third album by WZHL is a very special and unusual pop album, but surely one of the most interesting ones.

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