WINDS OF TORMENT - Delighting In Relentless Ignorance

Winds Of Torment - Delighting In Relentless Ignorance

9 songs
49:06 minutes
***** ****


I was suspecting just another death thrash band after my first look at the cover, and although I could have guessed more wrong, this young French band that considers its genre melodic death metal unleashes, after a short intro, eight longish grenades that surprise with incredible technical songwriting, making their full length debut Delighting In Relentless Ignorance probably too unwieldy for many generic death and thrash metal fans.

I have been listening to the album already a couple of times, and although so far not a single track manages to stand out, the overall impression is very positive. The CD that was recorded in Germany has the best possible sound, and the varied structures make you discover new elements all the time. Unlike Meshuggah and many contemporary math core bands, Winds Of Torment allow to listen to regular songs, even if there are tons of breaks and virtuoso elements adding a labyrinthine structure to their work.

Can one call Delighting In Relentless Ignorance a progressive work? Why not! With bands like Emperor, Opeth, Neuraxis, etc. being reviewed in prog magazines, Winds Of Torment can apply to also belong to the technical prog death thrash metal. I conclude this review with the second biggest possible rating, and hope that with a little experience, they will learn to add accessibility to their technical insanity, to create the kind of album that begs for the maximum rating!

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