WINGS IN MOTION - Promo 2011

Wings In Motion - Promo 2011

4 songs
24:33 minutes
***** ***
Wild Rose Angel


Nowadays it’s really hard to keep up with all the new genres bands are coming up this day. Wings In Motion, a newcomer band from Greece, claims to practice melodic death metal, but even after repeated listening, this seems somewhat misleading to me. I’d rather call them a progressive power metal band with a slight thrash influence. Apart from this disagreement about their musical style, I find nothing to complain on their promotional release preparing the ground for the debut which will come probably later this year.

The four songs featured here are all between five and seven minutes long and give the Hellenic sextet ample space to showcase their instrumental finesses. The guitar tandem is conjuring riff after riff, the rhythm section is impeccably solid, the keyboards make for the progressive atmosphere. Above all this thrones singer Andre Boutos with his incredibly varied voice that masters everything from wicked screams to clean singing.

The opener Through The Shadows (I Rise) is the shortest but also best composition on the promo. Instead of just following formulaic recipes, it is clear from the onset that these guys really put a lot of thought into their songwriting. It’s hard to believe that we are in the presence of a band that has not even released their debut yet. The following Manhunt is a little less melodic and fascinates with some spectacular rhythm work, but feels eventually a little too long with its seven minutes running time. Under A Bronze Sky is the thrashiest track but still finds enough room for melodic parts. The concluding Lifetrap sums up this twenty-five minute glimpse into the creative minds of a promising band from the South East of Europe. If they can keep up this level on the forthcoming longplayer, fans of intelligent metal music will be in for quite a treat. Until then, you can register at their homepage to get two of these tracks already for free.

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