WINTERBORN - Farewell To Saints

Winterborn - Farewell To Saints

10 songs
55:43 minutes
***** *


The name Winterborn is quite fitting for a band from Finland. Farewell To Saints is the second album by the melodic rockers, coming three long years after their debut Cold Reality.

Although I am not familiar with the predecessor, the new CD starts quite promising with the solid opener Black Rain which despite its dominant keyboards generates plenty of power, matched by muscular male vocals. The Finns are actually always at their best of their fast songs. Last Man Standing and Chaos Dwells Within are further successful tracks full of dynamics and tension. The slightly progressive The Winter War is another winner, and the more than ten minute long Another World works too with its strong dramatic moments.

But Winterborn are not yet able to keep this level throughout the album. Some tracks are still above average, but a few just don’t work at all. Land Of The Free fails due to its exaggerated AOR pathos reminiscent of Night Ranger, and Emptiness Inside unfortunately gives its title justice.

Farewell To Saints is definitely not a weak effort, but I doubt that Winterborn can establish themselves in the melodic metal genre. They have to work on their strong points if they want to play with the big boys.

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