WINTERLONG - The Second Coming

Winterlong - The Second Coming

12 songs
47:24 minutes
***** *


Looking at the cover makes you already feel ice-cold, but don't worry, that should just be understood as Winterlong's geographical location which is Northern Sweden. Musically, this is not some kind of black metal, but rather typical Scandinavian progressive power metal which is dominated by Thorbjorn Englund's excellent guitar playing.

It is always good when a guitar-musician adds a vocalist to his band to make his music more accessible for people who never learned the theories of harmonies, time signatures and the whole lot that makes up progressive music. But then I get the impression more and more these days that although these singers are without an exception technically flawless, they all sound quite generic and it's a hard job to distinguish one from the other.

Apart from that, The Second Coming is a good album which is always best when the band begins speeding and Thorbjorn (these Scandinavians have such cool names) starts getting lost in his insane guitar antics. If you like your Eighties lessons by Malmsteen and the likes, you should find pleasure in these three quarters of an hour of maybe a tad generic, but still very listenable and enjoyable melodic progressive power metal.

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