Winter Solstice - The Fall Of Rome

10 songs
40:23 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Winter Solstice were founded in 2001 in Virginia, USA. After a first EP which was recorded in 2004, they now release their first full-length CD The Fall Of Rome, and leave quite a good impression. The metallic song structures are balancing between thrash and death metal, while the crude vocals are quite typical for hardcore acts. This makes Winter Solstice of course a metalcore band which is actually very trendy, but as the song writing is far above average, I won't be unfair towards the band. The thrashier songs are very fast and straightforward, never so complicated that they wouldn't stick after two or three listenings. Following Caligula and Watcher are two fine examples from that category. The death metal songs are as mature as the others and may please because of a right mix of technical finesse and melodic elements, without giving up brutality. Winter Solstice didn't discover a new recipe for playing metal, but everyone who likes As I Lay Dying or The Black Dahlia Murder may find interesting parts on The Fall Of Rome, an album without blackouts. It's a great musical lesson in Roman history that I do not only recommend to English teachers, but also to their students.

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