WINTER’S VERGE - Tales Of Tragedy

Winter’s Verge - Tales Of Tragedy

11 songs
53:28 minutes
***** **


Heavy metal is quite popular in the Mediterranean, but Winter’s Verge must be the first band I have heard from Cyprus. Founded in 2004, the quintet has now released its second regular album Tales Of Tragedy after their debut from 2006 was re-released under a different title and a couple of bonus track two years later.

Residing somewhere between melodic and power metal, Winter’s Verge are also not afraid to venture at times into progressive territories. The opener World Of Lies is a great entry point, displaying an optimal mix of heaviness, melodies and playfulness. The next two tracks continue in this vein, with catchy choruses and perfectly arranged breaks adding the necessary spice. For Those Who Are Gone unfortunately can’t quite keep up with generic rock sound that is predestined to get the moustache wearing faction of the audience grab for their cigarette lighters. The hymn Captain’s Log and the faster Dark Entries with impressive double bass drum parts make up for this, but can’t prevent the band from showing their limits. The last four tracks are not bad either, apart from the quieter Tomorrow’s Dawn, but somehow the second half gives the impression of rehashed stew. The keyboarder deserves recognition though for his excellent performance. Although he has a very upfront role, his parts always integrate into the overall sound.

Winter’s Verge will soon be touring with Stratovarius, and I am convinced that they are in good company. The Cypriots have recorded a remarkable album but they need to gain a certain amount of maturity to be able to play in the top league. Friends of epic metal are still advised to risk an ear.

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