Witchcraft - Firewood

10 songs
45:24 minutes
***** ****
Rise Above


With the third wave of doom rock hitting full steam, it would be easy to dismiss Witchcraft from Sweden as just another follower. It's true that of all doom bands, they are the most blatantly unoriginal, but that's precisely their strength. Already their self-titled debut album last year raised eyebrows, but the new CD entitled Firewood should be sufficient to make even the biggest sceptics believe that time travelling is indeed possible.

Witchcraft were originally founded as a musical tribute to Pentagram and Roky Erickson, but when they received an offer from Rise Above Records, they decided to make an album, and now even another one. The cool thing about Witchcraft's retro sound is that they use only vintage equipment to record their songs, making them actually never sounding like a clone, but like the real deal, as if these were records unearthed from some long lost bunker in the very early Seventies.

Your first impression will be Black Sabbath, of course. But that would be oversimplifying things. Witchcraft never enter the aggressive moods of heavy metal, their distorted guitars have an eerily warm feeling to them, reminiscing of obscure bands like Black Widow, Beggars Opera and Captain Beyond, melting together psychedelic hard rock with fuzzy blues and even occasional jazzy and Latino elements. All of this is kept tightly focused by one of the most charismatic vocalists I have heard lately.

True enough, Firewood is anything but original, but the way they borrow from underground culture thirty to forty years in the past is artistic intellectuality combined with the grandest rock straight from their bellies. Firewood is one of the most pleasing retro rock albums of the year!

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