WITH HONOR - This Is Our Revenge

With Honor - This Is Our Revenge

11 songs
26:57 minutes
***** ****


The band name made me already expect the worst, especially since in the recent past Victory Records have released some dumb-minded patridiotic hardcore music, but the first notes of the opener Like Trumpets make it clear: this is a time travel into the glorious past of hardcore. With the songs barely crossing the three minute border, With Honor deliver fast paced straight edge hardcore with hoarsely melodic vocals and a rocking dual guitar attack that prevents the album from ever gliding into a too aggressive mood.

Using the terms "youth crew" and "positive hardcore" in their info sheet, we know that it's not by chance to find parallels to Gorilla Biscuits and Minor Threat. With Honor don't write classics by the dozen like those two bands, but This Is Our Revenge, the Connecticut's five-piece's second album, would have been a classic, had it been released fifteen years earlier. I am not saying that it won't be a success now, as it is full with excellent melodic old school hardcore that may sound strange o a younger audience that grew up on the more emotional or the more metallic side of hardcore.

Instead of relying only on their classical influences, With Honor never forget that it's about good songwriting. It's hard to pick out any one song, as they succeed each other like bullets from a machine gun, and the speedy approach never becomes dull as the band not only has a very charismatic singer, but also two amazing guitar players that elevate the sound over the mass of contemporary hardcore bands. This Is Our Revenge is one of the most positive surprises I have come across lately.

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