WIZARD - Goochan

Wizard - Goochan

10 songs
54:25 minutes
***** *


Wizard adopt more or less the same philosophy like AC/DC who also haven't changed their style in the last thirty years. German power metal veterans Wizard may only have been around for half that time, but their seventh album Goochan again comes as unsurprising as is possible. Originally highly influenced by Manowar, Wizard still managed over the years to play their metal in their very own way, sounding very German, mostly because of that typical vocal style, but apart from that also always getting a nice balance between mid-tempo and faster material.

The opener Witch Of The Enchanted Forest is an epic metal with a very festive chorus, a recipe that band uses often on Goochan, maybe a little too often for my taste. The following Pale Rider is more of a groovy mid-tempo song, and its generous length of more than seven minutes even allows for a moodier part towards then end. A little more experimentation like this on other songs would have done much good to the overall impression of the album. My personal highlight is Sword Of Vengeance, with four minutes the album's shortest track, but also their heaviest, with Wizard clearly venturing into rawer thrash metal territories.

Goochan is a good album, even a concept album, although I don't know who or what Goochan is (even Wikipedia didn't lift the fog on that mystery). But it is also more or less exactly what you came to expect from Wizard. The album is masterfully produced, but after more than a decade of active album releasing, you might think it's high time for them to experiment a bit. A few epic moments and some nods to thrash metal are already a start in the right direction, let's hope that the future and their label change help Wizard to discover new musical ways of expression.

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