Wizard - Thor

11 songs
49:31 minutes
***** *


Despite the genre’s fading popularity, German band Wizard remains loyal to their beloved classic true metal. You can’t accuse them of copying revivalists Hammerfall, as Wizard have been founded already twenty years ago. Wizard claim that Manowar are their biggest influence, wanting to resume where the godfathers of true metal stopped in 1990.

On their eighth album Thor, they stay faithful to their musical and lyrical concept. I am not the biggest fan of this genre, but have to admit that Wizard don’t act too badly. Most tracks have a rather fast pace, and you can’t complain about a lack of harmonies. Influences from Blind Guardian (Serpents Venom) and Gamma Ray (Asgard) can’t be denied either. Unlike those bands, Wizard add even more pathos and are never shy about overdoing things. Only the shrill chorus of Resurrection turn out to be a little too much. The likeable hymn Utgard furthermore displays the band’s versatility. Although the band is playing fast enough, you could have wished for a harder edge and a more energetic approach. Sometimes you get the impression that there could have been more but that Wizard just forgot to use the necessary power. Another positive aspect that deserves to be pointed out is the fact that Thor neither contains a cheesy ballad not a stupid intro.

There are probably nowadays a lot of younger metal fans who are rather into metalcore and can only dismiss with a smile a record like Thor. But you still have to recognise Wizard’s sincerity and credibility, as they don’t care about current trends. Those who still like everything Grave Digger do should also have no problems with this CD.

By the way the band has put their first two albums as free downloads on their homepage, to underline their unusual fan friendliness. Other bands should follow that example.

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