WOLFCHANT - Determined Damnation

Wolfchant - Determined Damnation

14 songs
61:11 minutes
***** **


Determined Damnation is the third album by German band Wolfchant that oscillates between black and pagan metal, but it’s the first one on their new label Massacre Records.

After a rather nondescript intro, they start with authentic groovy black metal with according vocals. Guitars, bass and drums bang on relentlessly, making for a rather simple sound, but that doesn’t prevent it from being entertaining. After two tracks, it seems as if the band is running out of breath, and the gloomy title track shows them for a slower angle which also fits them well. This is followed by the album’s highlights: the melodic and slightly folk sounding In War and Fate Of The Fighting Man where you not only get clear vocals, but also a touch of symphonic and dramatic elements.

After the first half, the record opts for a considerably more brutal mood. The anger of the musicians is understandable, as Kein Engel hört dich flehen treats the problem of child abuse in the Church. A couple of further blast tracks can’t achieve that same high level, before the band reconciles with two folkier tracks towards the end of the album. The CD ends with two bonus tracks, where older pieces have been rerecorded, again presenting the band from their rawer side.

Wolfchant act anything but clumsily on their third record, and show that melodic and folk elements suit them better than their simpler brutal assaults. Determined Damnation would have worked better if it had skipped some of its weaker tracks, as its one hour running time makes it hard to concentrate persistently.

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