WOLFEN - Chapter IV

Wolfen - Chapter IV

12 songs
67:07 minutes
***** *
Pure Legend


As you can guess from its title, Chapter IV is the fourth album by German metal band Wolfen which should not be confused with the equally German gothic metal band Wolven. The Wolfen in question are from Cologne and play a mix of power metal and melodic thrash metal.

The musicians look more like a blues quartet than a typical metal band. Moustaches and sunglasses are not so fashionable now as they used to be, but the guys have been around already for fifteen years, even if it took them six years since their last album.

The eleven tracks featured on Chapter IV can simply be labelled traditional heavy metal. Occasionally there are glimpses of power metal, US metal and thrash metal, but all in all Wolfen don’t try anything new, but prefer to stick to the tried and tested. That’s why you won’t find any truly bad song on the album, apart maybe from the pseudo-dramatic and very cheesy ballad Dolor Mundis. But don’t expect to discover anything spectacular either. Whenever the musicians are rocking straightforward, as on Nefilim and Unbroken, they are at their best. The mid-tempo tracks are also ok, as vocals and instruments really do a good job. Only when they are playing too soft, they run into danger of sounding like the Scorpions. The album’s vast length is a problem for a band like Wolfen that is not truly able to entertain throughout.

There are undeniably some good ideas to be found here, but I expect more innovation and variety to really win me over. After so many years of activity, it is to be feared that Wolfen are too stuck in their habits to come up with something more rewarding.

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